Top 100 Most Popular Slogans of All Time (Updated 2024)


When you hear, Just Do It, what comes to mind?

Nike, right?

That’s the power of a great slogan.

It transcends the brand, embedding itself into our collective consciousness.

In today’s digital age, where attention is the new currency, having a catchy and memorable slogan can be the difference between being known and being forgotten.

That’s why I’ve put together the ultimate guide to the 100 most popular slogans of all time.

Each slogan in our lineup has shaped perceptions, driven sales, and carved out a permanent niche in the minds of consumers worldwide.

Whether you’re a marketer, entrepreneur, or just a curious soul, understanding the essence behind these slogans can unlock insights into consumer psychology, brand identity, and the art of memorable communication.

By the end of this guide, not only will you have a deeper appreciation for these 100 snippets of genius, but you’ll also be equipped with the inspiration to craft your own compelling brand message.

Let’s dive in.

The 100 Most Popular Slogans Of All Time

  1. Just Do It – Nike: This slogan is a call to action that resonates with everyone’s desire to push beyond limits.
  2. I’m Lovin’ It – McDonald’s: A simple expression that captures the joy of eating.
  3. Think Different – Apple: Encourages customers to break from the norm, aligning with Apple’s innovative ethos.
  4. Because You’re Worth It – L’Oréal: Empowers consumers by linking product quality with self-worth.
  5. Got Milk? – California Milk Processor Board: A straightforward question that sparked a nationwide conversation about milk.
  6. Eat Fresh – Subway: Highlights the brand’s commitment to fresh ingredients.
  7. The Happiest Place On Earth – Disneyland: Invites visitors into a magical, joyful experience.
  8. America Runs on Dunkin – Dunkin’ Donuts: Positions the brand as essential to the American morning routine.
  9. Finger Lickin’ Good – KFC: A sensory description that promises a deliciously tactile eating experience.
  10. There Are Some Things Money Can’t Buy. For Everything Else, There’s MasterCard – MasterCard: Differentiates by suggesting the priceless value of experiences over purchases.
  11. The Ultimate Driving Machine – BMW: Communicates superiority and high performance.
  12. Betcha Can’t Eat Just One – Lay’s: Challenges consumers, while highlighting the irresistibility of the product.
  13. A Diamond Is Forever – De Beers: Elevates the product to a symbol of eternal love.
  14. Have It Your Way – Burger King: Promotes customer choice and customization.
  15. Snap! Crackle! Pop! – Rice Krispies: Uses onomatopoeia to describe the sensory experience of their product.
  16. Taste the Rainbow – Skittles: Invites consumers to experience the variety and colorfulness of the product.
  17. The King of Beers – Budweiser: Positions the brand as the leading choice in its category.
  18. Can You Hear Me Now? Good. – Verizon: Emphasizes the reliability of their service.
  19. Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands – M&Ms: Highlights a unique product feature.
  20. It Gives You Wings – Red Bull: Infuses the brand with energy and ambition, promising more than just a drink.
  21. Think Small – Volkswagen: A clever twist during a time of large cars, promoting the Beetle’s compact size as an advantage.
  22. We Try Harder – Avis: Turns its second-place status into a commitment to customer service and effort.
  23. Don’t Leave Home Without It – American Express: Positions their card as an essential travel companion.
  24. The Quicker Picker Upper – Bounty: Highlights the product’s efficiency and effectiveness.
  25. When It Rains, It Pours – Morton Salt: A play on words that emphasizes the salt’s free-flowing quality even in damp conditions.
  26. Let’s Go Places – Toyota: Inspires adventure and mobility, aligning with the brand’s promise of reliability.
  27. Breakfast of Champions – Wheaties: Associates the cereal with athletic success and vitality.
  28. What Happens Here, Stays Here – Las Vegas: Captures the escapist and secretive allure of the city.
  29. Imagination at Work – General Electric: Highlights innovation and creativity in their technology and solutions.
  30. Save Money. Live Better. – Walmart: Directly connects saving money with an improved lifestyle, resonating with practical consumers.
  31. Every Little Helps – Tesco: Emphasizes the brand’s commitment to value, both in savings and in service.
  32. Open Happiness – Coca-Cola: Invites consumers to experience joy and connection through their product.
  33. Keep Going – Energizer: Aligns with the brand’s promise of long-lasting battery life.
  34. Impossible is Nothing – Adidas: Inspires consumers to push beyond their limits, echoing the brand’s sports heritage.
  35. The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection – Lexus: Conveys the brand’s commitment to quality and excellence.
  36. Connecting People – Nokia: Emphasizes the brand’s role in bringing people together through mobile technology.
  37. I Am What I Am – Reebok: Encourages self-acceptance and individuality, resonating with the brand’s inclusive ethos.
  38. Good to the Last Drop – Maxwell House: Promises quality and satisfaction in every sip.
  39. The World’s Local Bank – HSBC: Positions the bank as globally connected yet personalized to every customer’s needs.
  40. Share Moments. Share Life. – Kodak: Invites consumers to capture and share their most precious memories.
  41. Fly the Friendly Skies – United Airlines: Promises a pleasant and friendly flying experience.
  42. The Real Thing – Coca-Cola: Asserts its authenticity and originality in a crowded market.
  43. It’s Everywhere You Want to Be – Visa: Highlights the widespread acceptance and convenience of using their card.
  44. Hello Moto – Motorola: A catchy, memorable way to personalize the brand and its products.
  45. Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is There – State Farm: Promises reliability and assistance, just like a dependable neighbor.
  46. Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat – Kit Kat: Encourages you to take a break and enjoy a treat, linking the product to relaxation.
  47. Quality Never Goes Out of Style – Levi’s: Emphasizes timeless quality and durability of their products.
  48. There’s No Substitute for Quality – Toyota: Further emphasizes Toyota’s commitment to quality in every vehicle.
  49. Ideas for Life – Panasonic: Positions the brand as a source of innovative solutions that enhance everyday life.
  50. Challenge Everything – Electronic Arts: Encourages users to push boundaries, aligning with the brand’s innovative approach to gaming.
  51. Reach Out and Touch Someone – AT&T: Highlights the power of connection through their telecommunication services.
  52. Be All You Can Be – The U.S. Army: Inspires with a message of personal growth and achievement.
  53. Think Outside the Bun – Taco Bell: Encourages customers to explore beyond traditional fast food options.
  54. When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best – Hallmark: Highlights the brand’s commitment to quality and sentiment in their products.
  55. Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. – Papa John’s: Asserts the quality of ingredients as the foundation of a better pizza.
  56. Driven by Passion – Fiat: Conveys a sense of enthusiasm and love for automotive excellence.
  57. Look Sharp, Feel Sharp – Gillette: Connects the use of their products with the confidence and allure of being well-groomed.
  58. Make the Most of Now – Vodafone: Encourages customers to seize opportunities and stay connected in the present.
  59. Life’s Good – LG: Positions the brand as a positive force in consumers’ lives, through technology that improves everyday life.
  60. Share the Fantasy – Chanel No. 5: Invites consumers into an aspirational world of elegance and allure.
  61. Play. Laugh. Grow. – Fisher-Price: Captures the essence of childhood and the brand’s role in fostering development.
  62. Go Further – Ford: Encourages ambition and exploration, reflecting the brand’s promise of reliability and innovation.
  63. The Power of Dreams – Honda: Inspires consumers to pursue their dreams, with Honda as the vehicle to achieve them.
  64. Don’t Crack Under Pressure – Tag Heuer: Appeals to resilience and reliability, both personal qualities and those of Tag Heuer watches.
  65. Do More – American Express: Encourages cardholders to leverage their membership benefits to achieve more in life.
  66. Expect More. Pay Less. – Target: Communicates the brand’s commitment to value without compromising quality.
  67. Designed for Driving Pleasure – BMW: Reiterates BMW’s focus on the joy of driving and superior design.
  68. You’re in Good Hands – Allstate: Promises customers safety, security, and peace of mind with their insurance products.
  69. Taste So Good, Cats Ask for It by Name – Meow Mix: A playful take on the product’s appeal to its feline consumers.
  70. Because Change Happens – Zurich Insurance: Positions the brand as adaptable and responsive to life’s unpredictability.
  71. Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz, Oh What a Relief It Is – Alka-Seltzer: Describes the product’s effect in a memorable and catchy way.
  72. Stronger than Dirt – Ajax: Asserts the product’s superior cleaning power in a simple, confident manner.
  73. Is It In You? – Gatorade: Challenges athletes and consumers alike to push their limits, with Gatorade as an essential component.
  74. Easy, Breezy, Beautiful – CoverGirl: Defines the brand’s approach to beauty as effortless and accessible.
  75. Solutions for a Small Planet – IBM: Highlights IBM’s commitment to providing solutions that address global challenges.
  76. Don’t Just Book It, Thomas Cook It – Thomas Cook: Promises a superior travel planning and experience.
  77. The Few. The Proud. The Marines. – U.S. Marine Corps: Highlights the exclusivity and elite status of being a Marine.
  78. Let Your Fingers Do the Walking – Yellow Pages: Encourages users to use their directory to find businesses easily.
  79. It Takes a Licking and Keeps on Ticking – Timex: Emphasizes the durability and reliability of Timex watches.
  80. The Best a Man Can Get – Gillette: Promises superior grooming products that embody the ideal of male excellence.
  81. Once You Pop, You Can’t Stop – Pringles: Highlights the addictive quality and enjoyment of the product.
  82. See the USA in Your Chevrolet – Chevrolet: Invokes a sense of adventure and national pride, associating the brand with American road travel.
  83. The Best Part of Waking Up is Folgers in Your Cup – Folgers: Positions their coffee as an essential, enjoyable start to the day.
  84. They’re G-r-r-reat! – Frosted Flakes: Emphasizes the taste appeal of the cereal, personified by their mascot, Tony the Tiger.
  85. Live in Your World, Play in Ours – PlayStation: Invites gamers into an immersive, entertaining experience beyond reality.
  86. Where’s the Beef? – Wendy’s: Questions the substance of competitors’ burgers, highlighting Wendy’s own product quality.
  87. Have More Fun – Nintendo: Encourages engagement with life and leisure, positioning Nintendo as a source of joy.
  88. What’s in Your Wallet? – Capital One: Provokes thought about financial readiness and the benefits of their credit card.
  89. The World on Time – FedEx: Promises reliability and efficiency in global delivery services.
  90. Be More Dog – O2: Encourages curiosity and openness to experience, reflecting the brand’s ethos of connection and discovery.
  91. Refresh Everything – Pepsi: Suggests a new perspective and renewal, aligning with the brand’s image of youthful energy.
  92. Belong Anywhere – Airbnb: Captures the essence of inclusion and the ability to find a home away from home.
  93. Every Kiss Begins with Kay – Kay Jewelers: Suggests that meaningful romantic moments are often accompanied by the gift of jewelry.
  94. Moving Forward – Toyota: Suggests progress and innovation, emphasizing Toyota’s commitment to advancing in the automotive industry.
  95. That Was Easy – Staples: Highlights the ease and simplicity of shopping for office supplies at Staples.
  96. High Performance, Delivered – Accenture: Promises excellence and results in their consulting and services, aiming to boost client performance.
  97. The Original. If Your Grandfather Hadn’t Worn It, You Wouldn’t Exist – Old Spice: Taps into nostalgia and humor, positioning the brand as a timeless choice across generations.
  98. Do What You Can’t – Samsung: Empowers users to surpass their limitations, highlighting Samsung’s innovation and support for user aspirations.
  99. Move the Way You Want – Uber: Promises flexibility and convenience, emphasizing personalization and ease of movement.
  100. Rewards Reimagined – Marriott Bonvoy: Suggests a novel and improved approach to loyalty rewards, appealing to the desire for valuable and meaningful benefits.
  101. Let Us Guide You Home – Compass: Offers reassurance and expertise in the real estate market, emphasizing trust and guidance.



Navigating through the world’s 100 most popular slogans has been quite the adventure.

Each slogan, with its unique charm and strategy, not only reflects the brand it represents but also serves as a mirror to the society at the time of its creation.

As we wrap up this journey, I encourage you to think of these slogans not just as successful marketing campaigns but as lessons in communication.

Like a perfectly cast pebble creating ripples across a pond, a well-crafted slogan can resonate far beyond its initial splash.

Now, I’d love to hear from you.

Which of these slogans has made a lasting impact on you? Or maybe you have a personal favorite that didn’t make the list? Share your thoughts and let’s keep the conversation going.

Remember, the best insights often come from exchanging ideas.

So, dive into the comments section and let’s chat about what makes a slogan truly unforgettable.

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